Chicken Alfredo-noff

This is one way to deal with that pound or so of leftover chicken or turkey that you've got hanging around. Prep time 10-15 minutes, cook time 15-20 minutes.


1lb cooked Chicken or Turkey Breast

1lb Mushrooms, sliced

1 medium or 2 small Onions, slivered

4-6 cloves Garlic, minced

4 tbl Butter, or 2 Butter and 2 Olive Oil

½ cup White Wine

One 10-oz package Alfredo Sauce

Sour Cream, up to a cup or so

Parmesan Cheese to taste

Black Pepper to taste


Once all the vegetables are sliced, make sure the chicken is in bite-size or smaller chunks. If it's been refrigerated / frozen, you may want to warm it a bit in a microwave or in a pan on low heat.

In a wok or other deep frying pan, melt the butter over medium-high heat. Throw in the garlic. As the garlic begins to cook, toss in the onions. As the onions soften and begin to come apart in their layers, add the mushrooms. If using olive oil, add at this point.

Stir and cook until the onions and mushrooms begin to give up their water content, then add the white wine. Cook, stirring occasionally, until most of the liquid has been reduced. You may have to turn the heat up to high, to speed the process.

Add the chicken, then stir until well mixed. Add the Alfredo sauce, then add sour cream to bulk it up until the mixture is well sauced. Apply several shakes of Parmesan cheese, and add freshly-ground black pepper to taste.

Serve as-is, over egg noodles, or over well-simmered stripped bamboo shoots, if low-carbing. Serves 4 regular appetites, or 2-3 really hungry ones.