A Quick Plywood Armor Stand

This armor stand is quick to make, and takes down for storage or carrying to events. It needs minimal tools, and takes less than an hour to make.

Tools: Jigsaw, measuring tape, straightedge and/or combination square, piece of string for drawing arcs.

Materials: 2' x 4' x ¾” sheet of plywood, sandpaper, and stain / paint / varnish if desired.

Procedure: Make the cuts as shown. Gray shading indicates discarded wood. Area A is 14 inches wide, B1 and B2 are 10 inches wide. The “head” of A is 9 inches high x 6 inches wide. This makes the “shoulders” of area A 4 inches each. C is 4 inches wide x 9 inches, with the top corners slightly rounded. Slots in the “foot” end of A, and in the tops of B1 and B2, are 8” long x ¾” wide. Slots in the top of A and bottom of C are 4½” long and ¾” wide.

Sand the edges of the pieces, and assemble. B1 and B2 go slot-side-up, forming legs with the slots at the bottom of A. C gets slotted into the top of A. Stain, paint, or varnish as desired.