Crock-Pot Brunswick Stew

Being a reverse-engineered, or redacted, recipe for lazy cooks. I eat the stuff on a regular basis, in Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown Settlement. I finally found some period recipes, looked them over, and developed this one.


1-¼ lb or so (3 medium) Turnips, cut into ¾” or so cubes.

3-½ to 4 lb boneless, skinless, Chicken Thighs

1-½ lb Ham, cut into ½” or so cubes.

9 oz box of Frozen Corn

14 oz bag of Baby Lima Beans

2 medium Onions, chopped

Two 14-oz cans of Diced Tomatoes

1 t each of Salt and Black Pepper

1 T Garlic Powder

½ t each of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, and Red Pepper

Set Crock-Pot to Low, for 8-10 hours, the longer the better. Place the Turnips in a layer on the bottom of the pot. Slice the Chicken Thighs transversely, across the grain, into 3-4 pieces each. The chicken shreds up like pulled pork, and this makes the shreds a manageable length. Put the chicken, and the cubed Ham, in a layer on top of the turnips. Thaw the Corn and Lima Beans, in boiling water or a microwave. Drain before adding to the crock. Add the Onions. Finely grind the Spices, and scatter over the veggies. Finally, pour the two cans of Tomatoes (with their juices) over the top and spread evenly. Put on the lid, and leave for 3-4 hours before the first stirring.

NOTE that nowhere in this process does it say to add water, and indeed the limas and corn need to be drained. IF it’s looking a bit dry after the first stirring, add water in small, gradual increments. Odds are that the stew won’t need it.

Makes 10 servings.