Plywood Camp Table

I've been using this table for about 5 years now. The idea was inspired by the TI article about a 4' round table from one 4x8' sheet of plywood. Mine uses a 4x6' sheet, producing a 2x4' rectangle. It works a bit better for transport in smaller cars than the 4' round does - in my Geo you just flop down the back seats, and feed the parts through the hole. Total dimensions disassembled are 2' x 4' x 1-1/2" - totally flat, park it on the bottom of the pile in your car.




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** NOTE: I didn't bother listing a drill with 1/4" bit among the tools because you can start a hole with a jigsaw. Hold it with its front end pointing down at the board, blade horizontal. Turn it on, and then slooowly rock it backward until the blade chews down into the middle of your cutout. Practice this on a piece of wood you don't love, first.


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